Australia and New Zealand Micromineral News

This is the download page for issues of the Australia and New Zealand Micromineral News, a publication for those interested in micromounting or microminerals, and particularly in minerals from this region.

In April 2011, a meeting of people interested in microminerals at the Bathurst Gemboree, with representatives from the Australian states and New Zealand, discussed the desire for a newsletter on Australian microminerals. It was proposed to have a regular newsletter to circulate to people interested in microminerals. A subsequent meeting held during the Mineralogical Societies Seminar in Melbourne in June 2011 re-affirmed this interest.

This resulted in the genesis of the Australia and New Zealand Micromineral News. The original intent was to publish issues quarterly, however this is very dependent on contributions. It will be available electronically (via pdf files at this site) and at no cost. Yes, that’s right. FREE! As with many of these ventures, it will only succeed with contributions of articles. See inside issues for details on how you can participate.

Issue – Number 13 (last issue published)

Issue 13 (March 2017) includes:

  • Tridymite and associated minerals from cavities in icelandite from the Spring Hill area, Victoria, Australia
  • Micromineral news from Victoria
  • Crystallography for Micromounters, Part IV – Symmetry
  • New Zhongyi Mitakon Super Macro Lens
  • Adding a Scale Bar to Micro Photos
  • Rare bismuth minerals from Morass Creek, Benambra, Victoria

Issue – Number 12

Issue 12 (January 2016) includes:

  • A Point to Ponder…
  • New Zealand Symposium Competition Winners
  • What’s New in Old Collections
  • Cynthia Peat
  • New Zealand Northern Region Mineral Interest Group 2016 Dates
  • Queensland Micromob Report – June 2015
  • If anyone is inclined to do any illegal mining or prospecting in Tasmania
  • Crystallography for Micromounters, Part III – Crystal Geometry

Issue – Number 11

Issue 11 (September 2015) includes:

  • Woodlawn Minerals
  • Meetings of the Micro Group of Victoria, March and April 2015
  • Mercury
  • Minerals from Portland, Victoria
  • Hoelite
  • Crystallography for Micromounters: Part 2 – Crystals
  • Zeolites and Associated Minerals from Bunnan, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Issue – Number 10

Issue 10 (January 2015) includes:

  • Notes and Queries
  • An addition to the list of Kingsgate minerals
  • News from the New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia Micro Groups
  • Crystallography for Micromounters: Part I – Introduction and Composition
  • Microminerals found in the Iron Ore deposits of the Pilbara, WA.
  • Minerals from Jindivick, Victoria
  • Minerals of the Woodlawn Mine in the Southern Tablelands of NSW

Issue – Number 9

Issue 9 (June 2014) includes:

  • An Open Letter
  • Notes and Queries
  • Pseudomorphs in Microspecimens
  • 29th Annual Micromineral Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Micro Group Reports for Victoria and Queensland
  • Iridescent Andradite from Queensland
  • Minerals from the Narre Warren and Harkaway Quarries
  • Forum on the Photography of Microminerals
  • The Zeolite Group of Minerals
  • The Pleochroism of Tuhualite

Issue – Number 8

Issue 8 (February 2014) includes:

  • On Using a Loupe
  • A visit to the Munich Show
  • Micro Group Report
  • Minerals from Tolwong, New South Wales
  • Tucson 2014

Issue 7 (August 2013) includes:

  • Malbunka Copper Mine, Northern Territory
  • Victorian Micro Group Report
  • Searching for Bournonite Micros in Cornwall
  • Pyrite Twins from Todd’s Quarry, New Zealand
  • “Kingsgateite” and Gelosaite
  • Show and Trip Reports

Issue – Number 6

Issue 6 (May 2013) includes:

  • Minerals from Dookie, Victoria
  • Mineralogical Societies Micro-Mineral Group Activities
  • Show Reports
  • Problem Corner

Issue – Number 5

Issue 5 (December 2012) includes:

  • Minerals from the Muldiva Mines, Queensland
  • Mineralogical Societies Micro-Mineral Group Activities
  • Making a microscope base cover
  • Seminar and Show Reports

Issue – Number 4

Issue 4 (July 2012) includes:

  • Minerals from the Cordillera Mine in New South Wales
  • News from around the Societies
  • The Palmer Show
  • Mini tanks

Issue – Number 3

Issue 3 (April 2012) includes:

  • A Wittichenite Crystal from the Cattle Grid mine, Mount Gunson, South Australia
  • News from around the Societies
  • Self-Closing Tweezers
  • Arthur Roe Memorial Micromount Symposium, Tucson, Arizona
  • 2012 Gemkhana, Shepparton, Victoria

Issue – Number 2

Issue 2 (September 2015) includes:

  • Mimetite from the Magnet mine, Tasmania
  • Around the Region
  • Anatomy of a Mineral Specimen

Issue – Number 1

Issue 1 (September 2011) includes:

  • Some minerals from the Dome Rock Copper Mine, South Australia
  • Twinning in Pseudobrookite
  • Micromounting for Beginners
  • Around the Region