Main Lead, Victoria

Main Lead is an area north of Beaufort, Victoria. It was the subject of an early gold rush (Fiery Creek) in the mid 1850s.

I was fortunate to be able to visit the area today, with the Ballarat Field Naturalists. Old workings from the original gold rush, through to the mid 20th Century workings are clearly visible, and include a water race, numerous puddlers, and many many workings such as shallow pits, sluiced areas, etc. This is all on private property.

Gold, “Fiery Creek”, in the Gold Museum, Ballarat

The Fiery Creek gold rush didn’t occur on Fiery Creek itself (which is a few kilometres west), but it gave its name to the discovery, on the area that became known as Main Lead.

Water Race looking north towards Raglan. This was constructed to bring water from nearby Mt Cole.
Puddler, one of four or five on the property.
Old gold workings
Old workings, showing how close miners were to one another.
Worked gully with lots of white quartz.

And the weather? Perfect!