Monthly Mineral Chronicles Volume 4 Issue 8

Monthly Mineral Chronicles Volume 4 Issue 8 is now available here.
This month, in this 82 page full-colour issue, we have the following articles:

  • Illustrated Minerals of Australia Volume 1, Part 6 – Babingtonite to bayldonite. The next installment of a significant undertaking documenting the 1,500 or so mineral species recorded in Australia.
  • Mineral Photography – Basics and Beyond Part 1. Mark explains the basics of mineral (and general) photography in the first of a series of articles to help you with photographing your minerals.
  • Total Wreck Mine, Empire Mountains, Pima County, Arizona. Rolf takes us on some rough tracks to visit the Total Wreck, and misses out on some wulfenite.
  • Mineral Snippet – Descloizite