Monthly Mineral Chronicles vol 5 issue 4…

…is now available here.

This month, in this 70 page full-colour issue we have the following articles:

  • Locality Snippet – Bieber, Germany. The Bieber area is the Type Locality for bieberite and rösslerite.
  • Mineral Snippet – Newberyite. James tells us about James Cosmo Newbery and this rare cave mineral named after him.
  • Illustrated Minerals of Australia. Volume 1, Part 14 – Chalcophanite to Christelite. The next instalment of a significant undertaking documenting the 1,500 or so mineral species recorded in Australia.
  • Locality Snippet – Toombeola Quarry, County Galway, Ireland.
  • Bisbee Arizona Chalcoalumite Story. Rolf tells us about acquiring specimens of the uncommon copper aluminium sulphate, chalcoalumite. Lots of blue!
  • Minerals and Elements: Beryllium. The next in the series on elements and minerals. Beryl is the best-known beryllium containing species, but there are lots more. Many specimens and photos courtesy Henk Smeets.