Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania

The Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, is famous for its world’s best crocoite. Adam Wright and his partners have been operating it for mineral specimen removal for a number of years and have had significant finds in recent years. In particular, the 2010 Pocket, and more recently, the Red River Pocket. The latter was being worked when I last visited the mine in November 2012.

Featured image: Crocoite in situ!

Well-known US-based mineral specimen miner and mineral dealer, John Cornish, has visited the mine on a couple of occasions to help with the tricky extraction of crocoite specimens. The photos below are of the mine, including a look into the Red River Pocket in situ.

If you want to own an Adelaide crocoite, go to the Adelaide Mining Company website.

Beautiful Tasmanian Waratah!
Bruce Stark (right) and Evan Sorrell
Crocoite in situ!
Crocoite in situ!
Goethite stalagmites in situ!
Evan Sorrell with a metre-long specimen!
John Cornish (left) and Adam Wright