Monthly Mineral Chronicles vol 6 issue 2…

…is now available here.
This month, in this 77 page full-colour issue we have the following articles:

  • Illustrated Minerals of Australia Volume 2, Part 5 – Erionite to Evansite. The next installment of a significant undertaking documenting the 1,500 or so mineral species recorded in Australia.
  • Density and Density of Minerals. Think you know about density? Check out Noel’s article to see if you really do!
  • Mineral Snippet – Prehnite
  • Locality Snippet – Nizhnii Tagil, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. This month, we travel back in time and look at an old specimen with a bit of history.
  • Collecting at the Stewart Mine in California. This month, Rolf tells a tale of elbaite, oranges, and a near miss!
  • A short note on Collecting Antique & Historic Minerals. James discusses the case for retaining historic labels.
  • Minerals and Elements: Phosphorus. The next in the series on elements and minerals. This month, we look at Phosphorus, an element essential to life.