Micromount Club Zoom Sessions

Early in 2020, when Covid first hit, and the world went into varying degrees of lockdown, I set up a Zoom session for members of the Facebook Micromount Club Group. It was attended by people all around the world and all agreed that it was something that we should continue with. Sessions were scheduled every two weeks on a Wednesday at 6am my time (Australian Eastern Time). This meant that people in the US and Canada could attend Tuesday afternoon their time, and people in the UK and Europe, Tuesday evening.

The vast majority of presentations, apart from the first few sessions, have been recorded and are available on my YouTube Channel.

You can now register for upcoming sessions as per the schedule below. Once registered, you will receive an email and the opportunity to save the Zoom session in your (Google, Yahoo, or Outlook) calendar, and this will be in your local timezone.

Topics, presenters and dates may change, but will be reflected here.

Wednesday 22nd September, 2021 at 6am – Micromount Club Zoom Meeting 21-17 – Steve Sorrell will present Broken Hill Under the Scope. Register here.

Wednesday 6th October, 2021 at 6am – Micromount Club Zoom Meeting 21-17 – Micro Photography Discussion. Register here.

Wednesday 20th October, 2021 at 6am – Micromount Club Zoom Meeting 21-17 – Doug Merson will present on the Gold Hill Mine, Gold Hill, Tooele County, Utah. Register here.

Yet to be scheduled:

  • The Minerals of Wales – Martin Stolworthy.
  • Micro Photography.
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