Monthly Mineral Chronicles Volume 4 Issue 1

Monthly Mineral Chronicles vol 4 issue 1 is now available.

For the start of a new year, one full of hope(!), we have a new look. This month, in this 58 page full-colour issue, we have the following articles:

  • Cutting Cabochon Days, Rolf Luetcke. Rolf takes us back to the days when he used to cut and polish cabochons.
  • Mineral Snippet – Hellyerite
  • Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Lake Boga Part 6, Steve Sorrell. This part of the Lake Boga series looks at the remaining copper species.
  • Widmanstätten Structures, Noel Kennon. Ever wondered about those odd markings on some cut faces on meteorites? Noel digs into these patterns.
  • The Ironclad Mine – Farmcote Station, Broken Hill District, New South Wales, Trevor Dart. Trevor describes the interesting mineralogy of this lesser-known silver mine near Broken Hill.

Available here.